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C# Code Generation Bug Fix and Improved "Jump To" Functionality

There was a bug in the C# code generation involving improperly escaped quotes. I'm using the string literal syntax with the @ sign. And when you do that, quotes are no longer escaped with \". Instead, it works more like VB with double quotes "" where the first quote escapes the second. I overlooked this but a fellow user of Regex Hero pointed this out to me today (thanks Jason). And after a small code change it works properly now.

Secondly, I made a small improvement to the universal match count / group count / stepper control in Regex Hero. The up/down buttons will normally select a match and scroll to it. But when there's only 1 match, then the up/down buttons are disabled. So in the event that there's only 1 match you can now click the text that says "1 match" and that will select and scroll to the match. It's a simple change but I think it helps.


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Regex Hero for Windows 10 is Underway

Awhile back I began working on an HTML5 / JavaScript version of Regex Hero . However, it was a huge undertaking essentially requiring a complete rewrite of the entire application. I have not had enough time to dedicate to this lately. So I've begun again, this time rewriting Regex Hero to work in WPF. It'll be usable in Windows 10 and downloadable from the Microsoft Store. This is a much easier task that also has the advantage of running the .NET regex library from the application itself. This will allow for the same speedy experience of testing your regular expressions and getting instant feedback that Regex Hero users have always enjoyed. I expect the first release to be ready in Q4 of 2019.

Installer for Desktop version of Regex Hero

As Firefox just dropped support for Silverlight I really needed a solution for Regex Hero. So I created an installer for it. It's still Silverlight, but by using the installer you can install it directly to your computer and never need to open it in a browser. If you visit and don't have a browser that supports Silverlight (IE is the only one left), then you'll see download links for 64-bit and 32-bit versions of the installer. Or you can download them directly here: Regex Hero for Windows 64-bit Regex Hero for Windows 32-bit When you install it you'll see a link over on the right hand side that says "Activate Regex Hero". This process connects your desktop version of Regex Hero with your online account. So if you're a licensed user this is how you'll gain access to all of those licensed features. Note: Currently there will be a security warning when you try to run either one of these installers. I'm in the process of

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Regex Hero is now completely free!  I've been working on this tool off and on for the past 8 years. I spent a lot of time making it very powerful and easy for developers to create efficient regular expressions. Throughout most of this time it's been a paid product. However, with the added pressure of other free tools out there getting better all the time, I've finally decided to make Regex Hero free as well. Enjoy! Try Regex Hero at