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Regex Hero Professional: Improvements and Pricing

I'm working on some new features for Regex Hero, focusing primarily on bringing more advanced functionality to Regex Hero Professional . New Regex Hero Professional features in the works... The analyzer will give you the option of automatically formatting your regular expression with comments. The tool will analyze your regular expression and offer suggestions to improve the performance.  For instance, there's a performance penalty in using IgnoreCase.  And it's pointless to use it when there's nothing case-sensitive in your regular expression.  There are many other things it'll look for, and this is something that will evolve and improve with time. There will be various other things I'll be working on, but these are the big 2 features.  When all of this is released, I'll also be raising the price for the Professional edition to $30.   I never make customers pay for updates.  So if you're interested in the Professional edition, I'd sugges