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Alternating highlighting, new string copy options, and more

Alternating Highlighting I got some great feedback recently. First, magneticmail on GetSatisfaction suggested that I create two colors for Regex Hero's highlighting : an odd color and an even color. This had crossed my mind before but I hadn't really given it much thought. My initial concern is that introducing a new color could cause some confusion. What does the color mean? But after thinking about it, implementing it, and playing with it myself, I think it's simple enough. Once you actually write an expression that has 3 or more matches, it becomes obvious that the two colors simply alternate to provide some visual distinction. And the value that the visual distinction brings with it outweighs any potential confusion, I believe. So, thank you magneticmail for the suggestion. It's a simple change, but hopefully a change for the better. Let me know what you guys think in the comments. Move to target string and start a new expression This idea came from

Skype Screen Sharing with Steve

I've had good Regex Hero feedback slowly trickle in through GetSatisfaction, email, and a few phone calls over the past couple years. It's great to hear from you guys as I've been made aware of problems that I never knew I had. And so in the spirit of improving Regex Hero , I want to try something new. I'm inviting all Regex Hero fans to contact me via Skype for a 30 minute one-on-one screen sharing session. This will be an opportunity for me to learn about problems you're having with Regex Hero and help out any way I can. Perhaps you're having trouble figuring out how to do something very specific in Regex Hero. It could be that a feature is missing, or simply isn't as obvious as it should be. Or perhaps you're having trouble with a regular expression and just need a little help. In either case, you'll share your screen with Regex Hero open as we dive into it. Email me if you're interested and we'll set up a time. What you'