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Showing posts from June, 2010

New 7-Day Trial

I've been lacking a good way for you guys to try Regex Hero Pro before you buy, until now. The new trial lasts 7 days and allows you to experience everything Regex Hero Pro has to offer, including code hinting. To start the trial all you have to do is create a login . Or if you already have a login, then the trial will automatically start the next time you visit Regex Hero .

Code Hinting for Replacement Groups

I was planning this one for awhile. I just needed to set aside some hours to build it. Code hinting has been available for regular expressions for a couple months. But now all pro users will see code hinting for the replace box as well... You can see the named groups ${LastName} and ${FirstName} at the top of the list. My hope is that this will promote the use of named groups in regular expressions, rather than numbered groups. I think named groups have a way of better expressing the intention of the regular expression and to be able to select them from a list is pretty awesome. Enjoy.