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Syntax Highlighting

Syntax Highlighting This feature was requested back in 2009. I didn't do it back then because I wasn't sure how I was going to do everything I wanted with it. Ever since the beginning I've always said that if I can't implement a feature right, then I wouldn't bother with it. But I've learned since then and this week I gave it a try.  It took a little experimenting to find the right approach, but I'm pleased with the end result. The syntax highlighter is built off of my existing parsing engine. In addition to highlighting basic constructs, it'll also detect unclosed parenthesis or brackets and paint them red. So for example (abc(def) would all be red.  I think this makes it easier to find mistakes. And I hope you enjoy it. In addition to this I've fixed a few bugs and made a few improvements: I improved code completion when working with a multi-line regular expression. The down arrow key now responds more like you'd expect a good cod