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Giving Away the First 100 User Licenses

UPDATE: Thank you everyone for participating. I've given away 105 licenses. Read more . So I'm getting ready to sell Regex Hero. It will be priced at $15 per user license. But before I do, I'm giving away the first 100 copies for free. I figure the easiest way to handle this is to give away copies to the first 100 users who create an account on the site. If you haven't already done so, you can create an account now to ensure you get your free copy. As a registered user you'll also gain the ability to save & open your own regular expressions in the Regex Hero database. As I'm writing this, there are 12 users already signed up. Most of the applications I've created over the years I've simply given away for free. So it is a new and unfamiliar experience to sell Regex Hero. It is so different that I wasn't comfortable to completely deny people the ability to use it for free. So in fact even after it goes on sale Regex Hero will have a

Reference and More

I took the time this weekend to update the syntax reference with the remaining sections that were still missing. I still need to create a lot more examples, but at least the syntax with descriptions are complete. I then grabbed that completed reference and added it to Regex Hero : Initially my plan was to create a static modal dialog box with the reference in it. But a fellow user of Regex Hero suggested doing it this way so a thanks goes to him. I think it works quite well. To save myself time I actually used Regex Hero to parse the reference. I separated each regular expression from the description by grouping which then allowed me to build my XAML much faster. It's kind of ironic using Regex Hero to build Regex Hero but if it speeds up redundant tasks then I'm all for it. In fact, I've used Regex Hero a lot lately to help me with redundant code. I'll try to make a video example of that some day soon. While I was doing all of this I also refactored a