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Showing posts from December, 2013

Groups, Delimiters, and Code Generation

Today I implemented a couple of improvements into Regex Hero. First we have a suggestion to allow the list of matched groups to be separated by tabs .  This allows you to copy and paste the groups directly into a spreadsheet application like Excel. Then  we have a suggestion to create cleaner code generation when IgnorePatternWhitespace is checked .  This essentially means that the regex string is divided into separate lines so that the comments are still at the end of each line, making the regular expression easier to follow.

Improved Textbox Scrolling and Overlapping Error Message Fixed

Today I improved the way the textboxes scroll inside Regex Hero. Now they'll follow the cursor more like you expect when you're moving the cursor around with the arrow keys or Page Up & Down buttons. This was a request on GetSatisfaction that obviously needed some attention. And the other part of today's update is with the error message that'll appear below the regular expression box. It would overlap the regular expression textbox slightly and make it hard to navigate to the last line of text. So I've moved things around and that no longer happens.