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New Version of Regex Hero Leverages Silverlight 4

Yes, I have finally taken the plunge. My stats show the adoption rate for Silverlight 4 has reached 78%, which is pretty close to my target. The immediate improvements you'll notice are right-click context menus for the textboxes... As well as support for mouse wheel scrolling. These are both small, simple, but much needed features. I'm still working on improving real-time highlighting. And I'm still on my quest to figure out word wrapping. Meanwhile, I also have some ideas on how I can further improve the benchmarking feature. Look for another release coming next week.

Silverlight 4 Adoption Rate at 75%, Regex Hero Update in the Works

I blogged awhile back about the Silverlight 4 adoption rate on the Regex Hero site . Naturally the figures on the site are a little higher than the worldwide averages. But at this point Silverlight 4 has overtaken Silverlight 3 by a healthy margin. In fact Silverlight 4 is at a 75% overall adoption rate as collected by my Google Analytics profile this past week... My plan was to launch a new version of Regex Hero after Silverlight 4 surpasses the 80% mark. And things are looking good. In my own testing with Silverlight 4 the instant improvement was the function of the mouse wheel. I didn't have to change a thing to make this happen. After I set Regex Hero to target Silverlight 4 all the textboxes were scrollable with the mouse wheel. I'm also working on the right-click context menus for cut/copy/paste, and undo/redo. If all goes well I'll release a new version next week with these improvements. Meanwhile I'm also working on incorporating the more powerful