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Bug fixes around undo/redo and copy/paste

I found a report of a case recently where Regex Hero would sporadically cause Chrome to crash. It was in a comment on StackOverflow, and I'm lucky to have found it. I didn't have much to go on, but I take reports like this seriously. First of all, I had never seen this actually happen before. But I began by banging on things trying to make anything and everything break that I possibly could. My method is perhaps a bit crude and it simply takes time and some knowledge of what's going on in the code to get anywhere. Here's what I managed to fix, in order of discovery: There was a layout problem involving the minimum vertical height of Regex Hero. After you shrink the window beyond a certain point a scroll bar appears so as not to fold the UI on top of itself. Well there was a logic problem in this calculation which could actually throw an error in certain circumstances. The error was being trapped though, and couldn't have caused the crash. The expand/c