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Upcoming HTML5 / JavaScript Version of Regex Hero

In the next few months I'll be working on a JavaScript version of Regex Hero. The need to do this comes from the fact that Chrome has dropped support for Silverlight. It's also not supported by the new Microsoft Edge web browser. So the pressure is mounting. Forgive me for not doing something about this sooner. I've had a very busy and exciting year. Recently I moved to a new city and just a few weeks ago I got married. Nonetheless, my plans are to make Regex Hero better than ever and usable on more browsers and devices than ever. Fortunately, there now exists Javascript libraries that'll emulate the .NET framework (even the .NET Regex Class library). The Regex Class library is the main thing I really need to build Regex Hero in JavaScript. JavaScript wasn't an option 6 years ago when I first built Regex Hero in Silverlight. But now that it is, I'm excited about it. I will post updates on this blog as the new development progresses.

Login System Upgrades Are Coming

Windows Live Login A couple of customers have pointed out recently that the Windows Live Login on Regex Hero prompts you for access to your contacts. This wasn't intentional. I'm not actually using this contact information for anything. The code literally doesn't touch it. This will be addressed soon so you won't even see that prompt. Google OpenID The Google login I'm using is being phased out for an OpenAuth replacement. I will be interfacing with the new system soon. And the upgrade will be seamless for existing Google users. New Username and Password I've thought about this one for awhile. I would like to have the option for a username and password on the site. I was a relatively early adopter of OpenID back in 2009. And back then good standard login interfaces hadn't yet surfaced. Nowadays it's most common to see just a few options: Login with Google, Facebook, or Username and Password. Obviously I can't get rid of options that users a