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Refining Regex Recommendations

100% Accuracy Today I built an automated test so I can verify that the new regex recommendations engine is producing valid recommendations. In other words, I want to make sure that all of the recommended changes coming out of it do not affect the text that your regular expression matches. So I'm running the engine on about 2,000 regular expressions and target strings to verify its accuracy. I found a couple mistakes it was making and today's update takes care of that so we're up to 100% accuracy. Other recommendations I'm still working on making this feature better. And as I continue to expand on this functionality I want to also establish a concept of confidence with the recommendation engine. Thanks to today's test, I have 100% confidence in the recommendations that are in Regex Hero Professional today. But there are other recommendations I want to create that I couldn't possibly have such confidence in. For instance, there's the issue of capturing

Regex Performance Recommendation Engine

This feature has been in the works for awhile now. I released a beta version of it a couple weeks ago. But today it's all grown up and available to users of Regex Hero Professional. It essentially analyzes your regular expression, finds common mistakes, and suggests performance improvements that won't affect your matching results. I just created a demo video of the new  Performance Recommendations Feature in action.

Fixed Bugs With Saving Locally, The Analyzer, And a New Recommendation Engine

Bug Fixes Today's update takes care of a couple bugs: Saving locally to your computer with Regex Hero Professional would fail with certain special characters. The analyzer would fail in rare situations involving very complex character classes. Recommendation Engine And lastly, I've included a beta version of a new recommendation engine. This is available only to users of Regex Hero Professional. The recommendations that are produced are all related to performance. And the type of recommendations that are produced are limited at this point. Often you'll see the message, "No recommendations found." This is something I intend to continue to work on and improve in the upcoming months. Here are the possible recommendations I've included so far: IgnoreCase is not needed and slows down processing. Please disable it. This one determines when the IgnoreCase flag isn't doing anything for you. For example, \w matches word characters and it's case i